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Playmaster is committed to ensuring our products and installation work are leading class in terms of safety
and quality

Playmaster is committed to:

• Being the leading and preferred supplier of playgrounds, with sta  members who have pride and con dence in the company management. 

• Dealing with all aspects of the design, manufacture and installation of special purpose playgrounds. This will be achieved by complying with all necessary legal, safety and technical requirements.

• Providing the facilities and ongoing training to give our sta  members the knowledge and encouragement to utilize team work for the maximum bene t of themselves, the company and the customers. This will be achieved with honesty and integrity being the hallmark of our company in all its dealings.

• Complying with a system of continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and hence all its requirements.

• Continually reviewing the Quality Management System. 

• Effectively communicating with customers.

• Communicating the Playmaster Quality Policy to all staff  and contractors.

Our products are fun, practical and robust, incorporating speci c design elements for quality and durability. All of our products and designs meet or exceed current Australian Safety Standards (This ensures the highest level of safety for your equipment, being our  first priority)

Key features and bene ts of Playmaster Playground units include:


• Our Designer is an accredited playground safety auditor and pays particular attention to safety in design principals when preparing playground designs. Every design is di erent and is reviewed for compliance with the Australian Safety Standards.

Uprights and Tubing

• All Uprights and tubing components are manufactured with 100% Australian made steel, galvanised inside & out. Because all of our steel is manufactured with high purity zinc on both sides prior to being cold-formed into hollow section, all of our uprights & components are protected from corrosion on the inside and out.

• Our Uprights are 75mm x 75mm square, 2.5mm wall thickness providing greater strength and a more sturdy appearance. All uprights are galvanised inside and outside, and are  nished in a lead free baked polyester powder coating providing long life protection against environmental conditions.

• Stainless Steel and Aluminium Uprights also available on request, for added longevity in coastal locations.

• All components are  nished in a lead free, baked polyester powder-coated  nish of 80-120 microns, which exceeds the required standard of 40 microns, (Wide range of colours available).

• Scalloped Welds: help prevent rust surfacing at weld joints; we use a scalloped welding procedure, which provides a stronger weld joint.


• Our platforms are made from marine grade aluminium, 3mm thickness, which is the best heat dispersing metal and completely rust resistant. Our standard platforms are a true 1m x 1m wide, with an extra (2) support braces for unrivaled strength.

• Our platforms are dimpled to provide a non-slip surface while alleviating the harshness to knees and elbows caused by checker plate patterns.


• We use Stainless Steel vandal proof Post Torx bolts and Cap Nut fasteners which cannot be adjusted without a special tool, to avoid vandalism.


•Playmaster supply a range of Rota Moulded Slides (available in a wide range of colours and styles).


• All timber slats for Wobble Bridges, Arched Bridges & Climbing Ramps are reeded Batu Slats, to provide an anti-slip surface.


• We have our own in house knowledgeable and reliable installation team, other Companies use sub-contractors; because we do not subcontract our playground installations, ever, we back every installation 100%. 

• We have our own  eet of vehicles/trucks which means we don’t have to rely on couriers getting the equipment out to site on time.

• All of our posts are pre-drilled and inserted in our factory, this enables our equipment to simply bolt together on site. 

• Our units are supplied with instructions for ease of self-installation (Our warranty remains in place even if you decide to install the equipment yourself).

Building in Stages

One of the great benefits of purchasing a Playmaster playground is the ability to extend on to your equipment at any stage. The modular design of our equipment enables our customers to add onto their unit as budget or other factors allow. Your Playmaster consultant can provide you with plans that show the breakdown of the separate stages to suit your budget. Why not provide children with equipment as funding becomes available and not feel obliged to wait for the long-term project. Plus these designs can be modified, should your needs change along the way.

Soft-fall requirements

It is a requirement under AS/NZS 4422:1996 Playground surfacing – specifications, requirements and test methods, that playgrounds with a free height of fall greater than 600mm must have suitable soft-fall underneath. There are various types of materials that are suitable for use as a so  fall surface. Your Playmaster consultant will provide you with your different soft-fall options and advise you on the so  fall area required for your specific play unit.

Spare Parts

We understand the importance of a child’s safety - that’s why we have a wide range of readily available spare parts and have a vast range of components in stock in our Kewdale facilities. Vandalism and wear and tear can be tended to immediately. Should parts be required urgently we can have the raw materials powder coated or select plastic parts from our shelves. A spare parts list can be obtained from our office upon request.

Maintenance Support

In addition to our standard warranty we provide full customer support and backup, including repairs, modifications, and playground maintenance if required. We recommend playgrounds are checked annually for wear and tear, corrosion, and compliance with the latest safety standards. Our consultant can help you set up your maintenance program to comply with AS/NZA 4486.1:1997 – Playgrounds and playground equipment – Part 1: Development, installation, inspection, maintenance and operation.

Value-Added Services

Where required we can offer our clients the following additional support services on a contracted or “as required” basis:

  • Sandpit top-ups
  • Playground maintenance services
  • Audits
  • Playground Management Services
  • Consulting and design
  • Custom manufacture of components, including third party playground replacements

Standard Warranty

Our standard warranty is to replace all Steel work, timber and  ttings should they prove faulty with the manufacturing. A Twenty (20) Year Warranty is o ered for Platforms, Uprights and other Steel Components. A full copy of our warranty can be obtained from our o ce upon request.


Playmaster carries Public and Product Liability insurance each to the value of $20,000,000.00, as well as other required insurances. Should our customers choose to install the equipment themselves, our cover remains in place, given the equipment has been installed correctly as per our instructions.

Safety Standards

Our playground equipment complies with the following Australian Safety Standards as a minimum:

AS 4685:2014 “Playground Equipment” (comprising the following parts) 

AS 4685.1 “General safety requirements and test methods” 

 AS 4685.2 “Speci c safety requirements and test methods for swings” 

 AS 4685.3 “Speci c safety requirements and test methods for slides” 

 AS 4685.4 “Speci c safety requirements and test methods for runways” 

 AS 4685.5 “Speci c safety requirements and test methods for carousels” 

 AS 4685.6 “Speci c safety requirements and test methods for rocking equipment” 

 AS 4685.11 “Additional speci c safety requirements and test methods for spatial network” 

 AS/NZS 4486.1:1997 “Playgrounds and playground equipment” Part 1: Development, installation, inspection, maintenance and operation.” 

 AS/NZS 4422:1996 “Playground surfacing” Speci cations, requirements and test method.”

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